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“So it was quite interesting what I experienced at Navajo National Monument. And I really think the park rangers at Navajo National Monument did a great job at observing their traditional way and allowing people into the park who were not Navajos to see the eclipse.”

ONLY Fools And Horses funnyman NICHOLAS LYNDHURST revealed he was nearly sacked because he couldn’t stop laughing during the chandelier scene.

Due to declining Goosebumps sales and increasing competition, Scholastic and R. L. Stine decided to create Goosebumps Series 2000 . [33] From 1998 to 2000, 25 books in the series were published, beginning with Cry of the Cat . The books in this series were written in a similar format and featured similar content to the original series, [34] but Stine classified them as being "much scarier." [23] The covers in this series were illustrated by Tim Jacobus. [24]

You will need:
Sturdy bags for collecting, egg cartons, tempera paint, paint brushes, small containers of water, newspaper, clear nail polish (optional). Teachers begin by explaining to preschool children that they will be looking for rocks to collect during an outdoor walk in the park etc.  While outside talk with children about the shapes, sizes and colors of the rocks they find. Help the children compare the sizes, textures, colors and shapes of the rocks and stones. Classroom: Teachers help small groups of children wash and dry the rocks.  Then sort them into piles according ot size, color, shape or texture.  Create a rook collection by using egg cartons  to store and display the rocks and stones according to size etc. Extension : Paint rocks with tempera, older preschoolers may wish to paint faces, etc. on their rocks and/or make them shine by permitting the paint to dry and then brushing on clear nail polish.  Try selecting a favorite rock to use as a "Talking Stone" as described in the Multicultural Theme activities.
  Nature Rubbing Books
You will need:   Lightweight paper (recycled copy paper works well), old crayons without the wrappers. Encourage preschool children to place paper over outdoor objects and areas (ex. sidewalks, tree trunks, grass, exterior of buildings, fences etc.) and rub with crayons.  Have young children arrange the rubbings in order from smoothest to roughest.  Label each rubbing with the proper source and bind together to create books. Do you have an Outdoor idea that you'd like to share?
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In 1985 Davies joined Thames Television. The former child star was appointed Controller of Entertainment in 1988 but continued in production with the pilot of Men Behaving Badly, the sitcom starring Martin Clunes, Caroline Quentin, Leslie Ash and Neil Morrissey.

Bethany, played by Lucy Fallon , is set to testify against her ex-fiance in court after he groomed her along with many other girls in a sex ring.

Youngsters Twist Only TwistYoungsters Twist Only TwistYoungsters Twist Only TwistYoungsters Twist Only Twist