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We invite you to read and explore all detail of the Bioway product, order Bioway products and use the product with confidence and assurance.  Before selling this product, we too used Bioway Multi Insect & Dustmite Killer for many years.  Our satisfaction & confidence in this product lead to our current successful involvement in sales & distribution of this fantastic product.

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No business or residence in our Houston metro area is immune from the hot, humid summers and moderate winters which create the ideal conditions for the insect population to thrive in.  Given these conditions, there is a need for quality, guaranteed pest control solutions. Insect Assassins Pest Control, Inc. offers this valued service with a personal, friendly response you can count on every time.  

Insect Assassins Pest Control, Inc. was founded in 1983.  We have provided personal, top-notch service to our customers for 28 years and are still going strong!  We are staffed by highly trained personnel qualified in handling all of your pest problems.  All work is performed by a State Certified Applicator.  Our applicators attend annual continuing education classes and stay apprised of the latest technology and products.  

Our goal at Insect Assassins Pest Control, Inc. is to achieve absolute 100% customer satisfaction.  We offer many flexible service plans and are committed to finding the package that fits your budget and schedule, while ridding your home or business of pests and bugs of all varieties.

While a lot has changed in 28 years, pests still remain the same. Add Insect Assassins Pest Control, Inc. to your arsenal against these pests.  Please contact us today with any questions you may have or to setup a free, no-obligation termite quote.

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Proudly serving customers in Fayetteville , Elizabeth City , Wilmington , Raleigh , New Bern , Goldsboro , Cary and Durham , NC as well as Virginia Beach , Chesapeake , Newport News and Smithfield , VA.

In 1991, Knipling and Bushland's technique halted a serious outbreak of New World screw-worm in northern Africa. Programs against the Mediterranean fruit fly in Mexico, Florida and California use the SIT to maintain their fly-free status. The technique was used to eradicate the melon fly from Okinawa and in the fight against the tsetse fly in Africa.

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