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Uganda is the biggest regional customer for the port of Mombasa, accounting for 80 per cent of cargo. Tanzania, DR Congo and Rwanda account for five per cent each and Sudan per cent. According to the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), which manages the facility, the second terminal should be able to serve the port until 2030, when the million container capacity will be exceeded.

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Nairobi is one of Africa's most dynamic cities; a vibrant, sprawling metropolis and a popular starting point for many safari adventures. Explore the colonial sights of the city, relax around a tranquil hotel pool shielded from the world, visit wildlife conservation programmes and even enjoy big game viewing in Nairobi National Park.

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Mombasa Mombasa 2 African Rhythms BluesMombasa Mombasa 2 African Rhythms BluesMombasa Mombasa 2 African Rhythms BluesMombasa Mombasa 2 African Rhythms Blues