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The Dakotas scalped the dead, plundered the house and took Abbie to their camp about a mile away, near the Mattock place. She saw the cabin in flames and heard the screams of two people as they burned to death. Around the house were the bodies of five men, two women and four children. Robert Clark and Harvey Luce were shot on the southern shore of East Okoboji, bringing the day’s death total to 20 whites.

Israel initially rejected calls from the United Nations and world governments for an international investigation into its raid on the Gaza aid flotilla, [39] [40] [41] [text 4] but later agreed to cooperate with an investigation conducted by the United Nations. [42] Israel formed the Turkel Committee to investigate the raid. The committee, headed by retired Supreme Court of Israel judge Jacob Turkel , included two international observers. [43] [44] The conclusions of an internal inquiry by the Israel Defense Forces under retired general Giora Eiland were presented to the chief of staff , Gabi Ashkenazi on 12 July 2010. [45] Eiland's report found that the naval commandos had carried out their duties with professionalism, bravery and resourcefulness, and the commanders had exhibited correct decision making. The report further determined, "the use of live fire was justified and that the entire operation was estimable." [46] In August 2010, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced that the . would conduct an investigation of the incident. A separate investigation was conducted by the United Nations Human Rights Council. The findings of this committee, published on 22 September 2010, called the Israeli operation "disproportionate" and condemned its "unacceptable level of brutality". [47] The UN Human Rights Council had also condemned the raid in June, before its investigation. [48] Another resolution backing the report was passed despite American opposition and EU abstention. [49] Israel accused the UNHRC of a biased, politicized and extremist approach. [48] Benjamin Netanyahu described the actions of the soldiers as a clear case of self-defense. [50] The Israeli Supreme Court , which rejected several local legal suits against the flotilla raid, wrote in its verdict, "the soldiers were forced to respond in order to defend their lives." [51]

Early in 1960 both the ANC and PAC embarked on a feverish drive to prepare their members and Black communities for the proposed nationwide campaigns. This marked the beginning of the rivalry over responsibility for organizing the march.

The Silent Massacre, Part 5
Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America By Nicholas Kirkland < [email protected] >
March 14, 2009 Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 [ ESMC = Electronic Stalking and Mind Control] Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America: The Silent Massacre, Part 5 (Mar. 14, 2009)
After getting the psychiatric and physical exams and still being unable to see anyone in the sheriff’s office, I sent a certified letter to the state attorney general’s office on June 10, 2008, asking that office to investigate my complaints. By this time, I had decided that regardless of the almost certain stigma, I was no longer going to hide the fact that I was a victim of mind control Thus, I attached a summary of my experiences that included the mind control portion . I have both my mailing receipt as well as the initialed delivery confirmation from that office. I never heard from that office. They did not even acknowledge the letter except for initialing the delivery receipt.

The attack near Preston, Idaho, at the confluence of Bear River and Beaver Creek, is considered the largest single-incident massacre of Indians in the American West - larger than Wounded Knee and Sand Creek. It is often overlooked in history books because it occurred during the Civil War. Most descendants are spread out through Northern UT and Southeastern ID today.

The massacre was so violent an assault on the society’s sensibilities that Zuma had to sound some notes of regret. On August 17, he announced a judicial commission of inquiry’s terms of reference. Along with hints that as punishment, Lonmin’s mining licenses might be revoked, Zuma went slightly beyond the tight focus that many expected, ., who shot whom on whose orders under what psychological conditions. Marikana is such an all-consuming disaster that Zuma may even go beyond the usual superficial and inconsequential tut-tutting, and impose sharp punishment on Lonmin so as to redirect the heat his own government is justifiably feeling. Zuma has asked the three judges (none of whom have a high public profile or obvious biases) several questions which the society is screaming out to be answered:

Stevens Art Foundry was honored to be chosen to design, sculpt, and cast the mascot for such a revered institution. You can read more about the Kents Hill School, and thier unique brand of football in a recent article in Sports Illustrated by celebrated sports writer Peter King by clicking here .

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