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Wolf warriors appear among the legends of the Indo-Europeans, Turks, Mongols, and North American Indians. [14] The Germanic wolf-warriors have left their trace through shields and standards that were captured by the Romans and displayed in the armilustrium in Rome. [15]

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Mordants:  By adding mineral salts called mordants, dyes extracted from a single fungal species can transform to many different colors. Pale yellow may turn deeply golden or olive-green, and rose may turn cherry red or violet. Choose safe mordants like alum (aluminum sulfate) and iron (ferrous sulfate). 

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Food Timeline--food FAQs: muffins to yogurt ... Mushrooms Food historians tell us prehistoric peoples most likely consumed fungi and mushrooms .

In the package that they came in, they were labeled as "spores" - I do understand that there is quite a big difference though. Thanks for pointing that out.

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A clue to Yaseen’s reasons for leaving the music industry can be found in the lyrics of one of his Mzuri singles, ’Nimepata mwana ’ on which he sang about the birth of his first son. As new parents, Yaseen and Saada decided that their hobby of music should take a back seat so that they could provide for the family. In the early ‘70s, Yaseen moved to Oman where he worked as an engineer. In the next decade, his earlier releases got distributed outside Kenya through the compilation ‘Songs the Swahili sing’ (Original Music) which featured two of his songs. Yaseen Mohamed passed away in 1985; even though the majority of his songs came out over half a century ago, he’s still remembered as one of the most important names in Mombasa taarab. Some of his later songs are available on the Zanzibara 2 compilation (Buda Musique, 2005) and one of his sons has uploaded a number of tracks to Youtube. This and two other singles are now available again from head over to the shop and grab your copy. Special thanks to Michael Kieffer for the transfer of Liverpool track.

Them Mushrooms Band Mombasa Kenya Hakuna MatataThem Mushrooms Band Mombasa Kenya Hakuna MatataThem Mushrooms Band Mombasa Kenya Hakuna MatataThem Mushrooms Band Mombasa Kenya Hakuna Matata