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Rick is survived by his wife of 47 years, Esther, his son, Jeffrey (Kim), who served in the US Air Force earning the rank of Lt. Col. Daughter-of-the-heart ...

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Another person Will called his best friend was Teller Conlon -- who later joined Will at Starfleet Academy -- onboard the USS Potemkin and the USS Yorktown . In 2361 , both were detached from Starfleet duty so they could serve on the team that forged the Imperiman Trade Agreement ( TNG novel : Fortune's Light ).

Altogether, around 8 million ethnic German refugees and expellees from across Europe eventually settled in West Germany, with a further 3 million in East Germany. In West Germany these represented a major voting block ; maintaining a strong culture of grievance and victimhood against Soviet Power, pressing for a continued commitment to full German reunification, claiming compensation, pursuing the right of return to lost property in the East, and opposing any recognition of the postwar extension of Poland and the Soviet Union into former German lands. Due to the Cold War rhetoric and successful political machinations of Konrad Adenauer , [9] this block eventually became substantially aligned with the Christian Democratic Union of Germany ; although in practice 'westward-looking' CDU policies favouring the Atlantic Alliance and the European Union worked against the possibility of achieving the objectives of the expellee population from the east through negotiation with the Soviet Union. But for Adenauer, fostering and encouraging unrealistic demands and uncompromising expectations amongst the expellees would serve his "Policy of Strength" by which West Germany contrived to inhibit consideration of unification or a final Peace Treaty until the West was strong enough to face the Soviets on equal terms. Consequently, the Federal Republic in the 1950s adopted much of the symbolism of expellee groups; especially in appropriating and subverting the terminology and imagery of the Holocaust ; applying this to post-war German experience instead. [10] Eventually in 1990, following the Treaty on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany , the unified Germany indeed confirmed in treaties with Poland and the Soviet Union that the transfer of sovereignty over the former German eastern territories in 1945 had been permanent and irreversible; Germany now undertaking never again to make territorial claims in respect of these lands.

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The name Nim Chimpsky was a twist on Noam Chomsky, the MIT linguist who theorized that language as we know it is unique to humans. Terrace wanted to disprove Chomsky's theory and show that a chimpanzee could develop real language.

William Aura ParadiseWilliam Aura ParadiseWilliam Aura ParadiseWilliam Aura Paradise