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Surprisingly, fellow council members took cues from Swift's chiding of the fugly, out-of-place design. "I am not excited for this project," councilman Steve Berry said while waffling on using the word "shocking" to describe the design. "It almost looks as if a tornado has gone through it." Councilwoman Virginia Vaughn called the rendering a little "harsh." Even councilman Fred Smith, who's received more Source-related campaign contributions than any other Buena Park politician, didn't mince words. "It's ugly," Smith said. "I don't want it in my city."

Launched in 2015, an intrepid team of researchers, registrars and art sleuths embarked upon the uninspiringly titled Civic Art Baseline Inventory. But the scope of the project is exciting, as the team tirelessly searches the county's unassuming institutions and public spaces, spreading out over hundreds of . County sites in 88 municipalities across 4,000 square miles, looking for inspiring art that has been commissioned or donated over the 166-year history of Los Angeles.

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Father José Robles-Sánchez is the Pastor of St. Mary’s Assumption Catholic Church in Cottonport, Louisiana and is also the Director of Steubenville South. For over 18 years with the Steubenville Conferences and over ten years with Lifeteen Camps, he has devoted himself to providing young people with opportunities to find a true and endless life embedded in the Eucharist, which is the center of life for the Church, and absolutely must be the center of life for the youth. He loves challenging young people to have a better commitment with Christ and the Church, as this will help them live their call to holiness in their own culture and their own lives. See more

In July of 2008, Beaker starred in the popular, award-winning viral video "Ode to Joy." Beaker performed the song in a split-screen number: playing violin, timpani, metronome, and vocals (replacing the lyrics with extended "Meemeee"-ing). Inevitably, disaster ensues. The video was nominated in the Music category of the 2009 Webby Awards, as well as the 'People's Voice' award. Beaker won the Webby Award and accepted the award at the June 8th ceremony.

Steve Parks Movin In The Right DirectionSteve Parks Movin In The Right DirectionSteve Parks Movin In The Right DirectionSteve Parks Movin In The Right Direction