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Martin Green, director of Hull 2017, said: “ Dementia is affecting more and more people in the UK as we cope with an ageing population. The Butterfly Effect has allowed people living with dementia to access and enjoy art and culture, whilst at the same time exploring what living with dementia is like .

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There is more Kirchin music and sound on the way, but in the meantime I would like to thank and dedicate this album to the following: Basil and Esther Kirchin, Clive Leslie, Evan Parker, Matt Stephenson, Alan Jones, Keith Herd, Ian Firth, Jack Nathan, John Coleman and all the groovy people of Hull. I’d also like to thank Serious for making the Kirchin Weekender happen. And Basil, if you are looking down, I think you’re still “roaring”.

By the mid noughties, Cowley began to find the experience of extracting music from a computer chip unbearable, so, with his dear friend the piano, began composing and eventually realised a long-standing vision to form the Neil Cowley Trio. In 2006 he created his own label and released his debut album Displaced, an outstanding album of original recordings that established him as a dazzling pianist and stunning composer. Cowley created a unique trademark sound that delivered powerful music of massive dynamic range and contrasts – where ferociously forceful, hook laden melodies sit side by side with reflective, tender pieces capable of heart shattering tenderness. The album was released to huge critical acclaim, and earned him the 2007 BBC Jazz Award for Best Album.

Basil Kirchin John Coleman Mind On The RunBasil Kirchin John Coleman Mind On The RunBasil Kirchin John Coleman Mind On The RunBasil Kirchin John Coleman Mind On The Run