Ordinary ad ordinary - Sexual harassment happens to ordinary women in ordinary jobs

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I’m a British Muslim convert and I don’t find this racist, its a mockery and a joke of how the media portrays us, its not saying we do any of this stuff, chill.

These ‘Wittgensteinians’ developed and propounded certain ideas and views, and indeed arguments and theories that Wittgenstein himself may not have approved (nor did Wittgenstein himself ever accept any label for his work, let alone ‘Ordinary Language’ philosophy). The Wittgensteinians saw themselves as developing and extending Wittgenstein’s views, despite the fact that the key principle in Wittgenstein’s work (both earlier and later) was that philosophical ‘theses’, as such, cannot be stated. Wittgenstein steadfastly denied that his work amounted to a philosophical theory because, according to him, philosophy cannot ‘explain’ anything; it may only ‘describe’ what is anyway the case ( Philosophical Investigations , section 126-128). The Wittgensteinians developed more explicit arguments that tried to explain and justify the method of appeal to ordinary language than did Wittgenstein. Nevertheless, it is possible to understand what they were doing as remaining faithful to the Wittgensteinian tenet that one cannot propound philosophical theses insofar as claims about meaning are not in themselves theses about meaning. Indeed, the view was that the appeal to the ordinary uses of language is an act of reminding us of how some term or expression is used anyway – to show its meaning rather than explain it.

Christ was crucified on earth and the Church is crucified by all of us, by her members most particularly, because she is a church of sinn...

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But it's not the bad apple, it's the culture; and it's widespread. She notes that just this week, ANZ Bank dismissed three employees; and that perhaps we could do more about sexual harassment and assault if we recognised it as an occupational health and safety issue.

Define ordinary : a prelate exercising original jurisdiction over a specified territory or group — ordinary in a sentence

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