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Your new job as an NCS employee may include sexy missions like destroying video tapes depicting Americans "harshly interrogating" prisoners. And if you're really good, you may wind up in the Special Activities Division , sometimes referred to as "The Division of Blowing Shit Up."

In January 1980, the band began recording their second album. [3] In April and May 1980 they toured the United States and Canada for five weeks. [14] Space Race was released in May 1980. In New Zealand it peaked at No. 1 and in Australia it reached No. 6. [9] [10] Space Race provided another top 10 single, " People ", which reached No. 3 in New Zealand and No. 6 in Australia. [9] [10] The title track was the next single and peaked in the top 20 in New Zealand and top 30 in Australia. [9] [10] Although Mi-Sex toured Australia and New Zealand through 1981 – performing 366 gigs in that year – the group "found its popularity in slow decline." [2] [4]

Mi Sex Computer GamesMi Sex Computer GamesMi Sex Computer GamesMi Sex Computer Games