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Possibly the worst restaurant in the Western Cape! Visited them a few times over the holiday. Service really poor and extremely unfriendly. Arrived one afternoon at 16,45, asked for a table for drinks and was told that they've got reservations from 18,00 onwards. They seated us in the bar area and did not even offer us a table, should we be willing to leave at 18,00.

When we asked for oysters we were told that their policy is not to serve food in the bar.

Point is that we often eat at Sevruga / le Quartier/ Beluga / Moreson / Salt and easily eat between R800 - R1200 worh of starters with drinks, for 2 people and can do this in 1 hour and 15 minutes, if required. Voorstrandt however thinks that they are so famous that they don't need this.

I am proudly South African and won't support them ever again. The manager is the worst mannered manager I have come across. The service was bad everytime we were there. The food is really nothing more than mediocre! If you eat seafood there, you may just as well buy a box of I+J hake and fry that up yourself.

Worse Cape restaurant I can think of! I would rather drive the 15 minutes to Vredenburg and eat in the mall (without sea views).

Would love to see a few other restaurants opening up in Paternoster. Suzi and Marthinus - well done for you guys!

We recently visited this restaurant at the beachfront in Paternoster. The food was actually quite good but I would not recommend people to go to this place.

He was on that Spice, K2. Lol. Seriously IMO he made his self look stupid and like a sensitve bish. I have met many Jamaicans. Although, they have a temper they were some of the coolest people hands down. The way he acts should not be about being Jamaican, because his behavior is NOTHING to be proud of and I’m sure there are some Jamaicans that would agree.

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Betty Wright Hes Bad Bad Bad Watch Out LoveBetty Wright Hes Bad Bad Bad Watch Out LoveBetty Wright Hes Bad Bad Bad Watch Out LoveBetty Wright Hes Bad Bad Bad Watch Out Love