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If you’re curious what the car might’ve looked like in its prime, here’s a photo, though restoring the Larkhill one to its former glory would be a pretty epic restoration project.

A much better writer than I could ever hope to be, Zora Neale Hurston once said, “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” What of the years that do both? What of the months, the days that do both? We stand today in a world filled with questions, and...

Pope Francis, the Vikar of the World – Erasing the Name of Jesus
Full texts of seven speeches of False Prophet Pope Francis during his journey to the United States and Cuba where he fails to mention the Name of Jesus Christ.  He speaks about global warming, following your dreams, immigration, and religious tolerance but does not, even once, say the Name of Jesus.

“A zingy account of the glittery, shallow 1980s . . Brown is a waspish, reliably slick writer―her witty skewerings are first-class.”
The Times (London)

Five days after the alleged incident, Abner Louima speaks to the press about his ordeal from his bed at Coney Island Hospital.

Vanity 6 Drive Me WildVanity 6 Drive Me WildVanity 6 Drive Me WildVanity 6 Drive Me Wild