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Sora and Riku's childhood friend.
As one of the seven princesses, she became a target of the forces of darkness, but thankfully Sora and Riku came to the rescue. She is waiting in the Destiny Islands for their safe return.

So it came as no surprise when the Saudis helped the Sunni monarchy in Bahrain squash a Shia uprising during the Arab Spring, or when many of the Sunni powers leapt behind efforts to depose the Iran-linked Assad regime. Their real aim was blunting Iranian power. This aversion to Iran courses deeply through the remaining Sunni rulers, especially in Saudi Arabia. A New York Times analysis of Saudi Foreign Ministry documents uncovered through Wikileaks found, as the Times put it , “a near obsession with Iran, with diplomats in Africa, Asia and Europe monitoring Iranian activities in minute detail and top government agencies plotting moves to limit the spread of Shiite Islam.” This is why the Saudis often seem reluctant to put their full energies into the war on terrorism. Sunni jihadist groups like Al Qaeda are manageable and often home-brewed nuisances; Iran is an exterior geopolitical threat.

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The National Childbirth Trust is in favour of bed-sharing, as long as the parents have not been smoking, drinking or using drugs and are not obese, ill or excessively tired.

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Elements of the new design will also be applied to existing locations. Roberts said that every outpost will eventually get a new Taco Bell sign, with new typography and graphics, and that other features, including the backlit slats, will be installed on a case-by-case basis. Roberts claimed that the company's master plan does not specify a time frame for these renovations.

Over the next 2 ½ years, Kaiden underwent another bone marrow transplant, was in and out of remission multiple times, and started a trial drug in hopes of destroying the leukemia cells. Through it all, he faced the cancer head-on, never giving up hope as he continued to go to school, play baseball and lead as normal a life as possible.

It is Axel who has arrived, having finally tracked Xion down. Not only is Axel curious of Xion's motives, he is also given specific orders to capture her again, which would possibly convince Roxas to return to the Organization. Xion refuses, leaving Axel no choice but to accomplish his mission with brute force, leading to a heated battle. Having defeated Xion, Axel brings her back to The World That Never Was, but soon faints from fatigue. Xemnas then steps out from the shadows and carries the unconscious girl away to reprogram her to use the devices he had planted throughout the worlds.

Purple Hearts Of Hopes And Dreams And TombstonesPurple Hearts Of Hopes And Dreams And TombstonesPurple Hearts Of Hopes And Dreams And TombstonesPurple Hearts Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones