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The last three years have seen me mindfully, slowly and sometimes painfully creating a life of simplicity. I am happier, healthier, more joyful, more relaxed, more prone to laughter and dancing, more engaged with my kids, more in touch with my emotions, more loving towards my husband, more interested and more interesting.

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What followed was "a heady, hearty, vodka-fueled evening I simply hadn't seen coming." The plates were piled high with huge portions of barbecued pork, stringy cheese, eggplants, olives, radishes, greens with garlic, and lavash, the unleavened flatbread that's a staple of the Armenian diet. Speaking English, the birthday girl told me that I had an uncle on either side of me, and these jovial, thick-limbed men "took it as their duty" to make sure my glass was never empty of oghi, a potent homemade fruit vodka. As the banquet "roared on," the uncles toasted everyone and everything. I was dizzy when the time came for songs and cakes. "The evening ended with bear hugs all round, and linguistically doomed attempts to declare everlasting kinship."

The Embrace Neonatal MRI System can be placed inside a NICU environment because the system does not require a safety zone or a radiofrequency shielded room. Since the system is fully enclosed, medical device implants in close proximity to the system are not required to be “MR Conditional” or “MR Safe.”

Charlotte is a good girl virgin who is having some very bad dreams about sex. These dreams are courtesy of the vampire. Charlotte begins to change but as long as she remains pure for three days, the vampire will take her and they will live eternally together. Written by Josh Pasnak <[email protected]>

In Embrace A Room UpstairsIn Embrace A Room UpstairsIn Embrace A Room UpstairsIn Embrace A Room Upstairs