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November 17-19: Data General introduced the Nova 1200 ($5,450; to ship Feb71), the Nova 800 ($6,950; to ship Apr71), and the Supernova SC ($11,900; to ship Jun71) minicomputers at the 1970 Fall Joint Computer Conference, Astro Hall, Houston; prices for configurations including 4096 16-bit words of memory, Teletype interface, and DMA data channel. (DG ads in WSJ, 11/17/70 p4 and 5/18/71 p6; announcement in Control Engineering for planned ship dates)

Farmer recorded only twice with Horace Silver's group, as Silver recorded for Blue Note Records , while Farmer was signed to Prestige. Feuds between the label bosses ruled out extensive cross-label collaboration. [25] [26] The transition from Silver's piano-led quintet to Mulligan's piano-less quartet was not straightforward: "to suddenly find yourself in a pianoless group was like walking down the street naked", commented Farmer. [3] : 44 As a member of Mulligan's band, Farmer appeared on film twice – in I Want to Live! (1958) and The Subterraneans (1960) [27] – and again toured Europe, as part of a Jazz at the Philharmonic tour, helping him to develop an international reputation. [26] [28] In New York, Farmer worked with Lester Young , who told him to "tighten up and tell a 'story' in each solo". [6] : 442 At this time, Farmer also rented his trumpet on a nightly basis to Miles Davis, who had pawned his own due to his drug dependency. [6] : 442

Starting in 1984, Black Saint/Soul Note won the Down Beat Critics Poll for best record label for six subsequent years until they were replaced by Blue Note in 1990. [3]

Steve Kuhn In Europe 1968Steve Kuhn In Europe 1968Steve Kuhn In Europe 1968Steve Kuhn In Europe 1968