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The 1967 Rambler Rebel by American Motors was completely new design from its predecessor, the Rambler Classic . Now a larger car riding on a two-inch (50 millimeter) longer 114-inch (2,896 mm) wheelbase, the width was also increased by nearly four inches (100 millimeters) to enlarge interior passenger space and cargo capacity. The Rebel had as much interior space as full-size cars from Ford and GM. The new body design was in sharp contrast to its predecessor's "straight-edge" design. The Rebel featured a smooth rounded appearance with sweeping rooflines, a " Coke-bottle " body with a shorter rear deck, as well as greater glass area for increased visibility. However, the design "themes" such the "hop up" fenders became so pervasive across the industry that the all-new 1967 Rebel was criticized because "viewed from any angle, anyone other than an out-and-out car buff would have trouble distinguishing the Rebel from its GM, Ford, and Chrysler Corp. competition." [6] American Motors was staying abreast of the fashion and the Rebel was the first "family car with style that rivaled function." [7]

“It’s not about your age anymore — it’s about what makes you feel good,” says GlamSquad’s Sionit, noting that many of the company’s 40-plus-year-old customers are still interested in nail art.

Cisneros says the campaign will have succeeded from a style standpoint if voters focus less on what Clinton is wearing than they have in the past. “[The Clinton campaign] is not going for glamour — they are going for something more natural,” she says. The hope is that Clinton stands out on the trail for her accomplishments rather than for her style, and that her fashion choices become less of a talking point than they have in the past. “Do we see her more than we see the clothes? Do we see her more than we see the makeup?”

Frumpy All Will Be ChangedFrumpy All Will Be ChangedFrumpy All Will Be ChangedFrumpy All Will Be Changed