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“I started on the national team when the men’s national team was full-time and was full of amateur players here in Calgary, and there’s something kind of pure and really uniquely Canadian about that, as well. It’s going to make our hunt for the gold medal that much more difficult, but maybe that much more exciting, too,” she said.

Olympic dreams are big and start very early for those that ultimately achieve them. Here, some of the US' top athletes share what they'll be going for this February.

 · OLYMPIC fever has gripped Queenslanders, with nearly two-thirds keen to see the states southeast throw its hat into the rings as a potential future Games host.

Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the foreign affairs committee at the Russian parliament's upper house, said Wednesday that the ruling is "clearly part of the West's policy to restrain Russia" but insisted that Russian sports officials are to blame and "ought to bear personal responsibility" for letting it happen.

Why: With views of Seattle, Sequim, Port Angeles, and both the Cascade and Olympic Mountain Ranges, it is hard to find a more accessible mountain to climb than Mount Townsend. Standing just above 6,000ft, this tree-free mountain is everything you would expect from a mountain on the northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula. With over 30 switchbacks and varying terrain, this is a trail for hikers of nearly all abilities.

PyeongChang 2018 is ready and waiting to welcome the world’s winter sports athletes. Its 12 state-of-the-art venues are all set to host the 102 medal events, and have been put through their paces at a total of 26 competition and non-competition test events. All about the next Olympic Winter Games in our special section!

Dec 16 Canada falls to Russia in final round robin game at Channel One Cup Vasily Koshechkin made 15 saves and Nikita Nesterov scored on a power play early in the third period as Russia beat Canada 2-0 on Saturday in the Canadians' final round robin game at the Channel One Cup.

Olympic Big Beat Olympic Rock Hully GullyOlympic Big Beat Olympic Rock Hully GullyOlympic Big Beat Olympic Rock Hully GullyOlympic Big Beat Olympic Rock Hully Gully