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Overall a great experience. My only not too good review is the long time they take to refill drinks and take empty dishes away.

Apfel- Erdbeerensaft / Apfel -Himbeerensaft 5
Natural or Sparkling Apple – Strawberry / Apple – Raspberry Juice

Vom 12. November 2017 bis zum 18. Februar 2018 zeigen die Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz am Theaterplatz die Ausstellung "Von Pablo Picasso bis Robert Rauschenberg. Schenkung Céline, Heiner und Aeneas Bastian. Hommage à Ingrid Mössinger". Die Präsentation vereint eine umfangreiche Sammlung vielfältiger zeitgenössischer Positionen.

Le Corbusier's ideas weren't all so great. Critics (like Jane Jacobs ) argue that his vision for urban life was destructive to the city, alienating people from one another, and elevating the car over the human. He was on the fascist end of the political spectrum for a while, at one point working for Mussolini. And for decades, he tried (and thankfully failed) to get Paris to raze the Marais neighborhood and build one of his city plans (like image 3). Contemporary designers seem less driven by Le Corbusier's modernist idea that "all men have the same needs," and more into the postmodern concept that everyone has different wants.

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Various Wiener Brut Original FilmmusikVarious Wiener Brut Original FilmmusikVarious Wiener Brut Original FilmmusikVarious Wiener Brut Original Filmmusik