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Meet the beavers:  After some 400 m. up to Los Castores stream, you will be able to observe the dams system these incredible animals have built, as well as the environmental impact it causes.

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Rio Grande's climate is strongly influenced by the ocean: generally quite cool, and sometimes very windy. It has a subpolar oceanic climate ( Köppen Cfc ) or a subarctic climate ( Köppen Dfc ) depending on the isotherm used, with cool temperatures year round. Temperatures in the warmest months, January and February average 11 °C ( °F) while temperatures in the coolest month average 0 °C ( °F). [2] With a mean temperature of − °C ( °F) in the coldest month, Río Grande has the coldest mean monthly temperature amongst cities in Argentina. [3] Precipitation is low at around 330 millimetres (13 in). Also, due to its latitude, the length of the day varies tremendously across the year. Winter days can have as few as seven hours of sunlight, while summer days stretch to twenty hours. Frost occurs throughout the year, and winter temperatures can remain below freezing for relatively long periods of time. [4] As such, the frost free period is very short with the first date of frost being February 23 and the last date of frost being November 22. [5] During the summer, conditions are generally very windy and cloudy, and nights remain cold. Freak snowfalls can occur even in midsummer. The highest recorded temperature was  °C ( °F) on February 6, 1962 while the lowest recorded temperature was − °C (− °F) on July 19, 1984. [4] [6]

The following individuals were appointed by Hitler to be his heroes. They believe that "heroes spring from the essence of their people".

In the centre. Next to the river.
A short walk from the Giralda and the Cathedral.
Good access and excellent links.

Rani Gran / Aries Keck
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.
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Terminal 21 Shopping Mall is one of our favourite shopping malls in Bangkok. It is near the train stations and the concept of the mall is an airport terminal with each floor representing a city. For example, 1st floor is Tokyo theme while 2nd floor is London theme.

Tierra City NightsTierra City NightsTierra City NightsTierra City Nights