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Your sleep is our priority: ibis adapts its bedding to your needs.
The 2 base beds have been manufactured in order to allow easy access when delivering to your home, while keeping the total comfort of the bed.
The bed we offer for delivery in Great Britain (excluding Scotland) is the one you discovered in our hotels in Britain.
The bed we offer for delivery in continental Europe is the one you discovered in our hotels across that region.

Delivery in Europe: Delivery fees for each country are available in our FAQ
For other country of delivery, please contact Customer Service for a quote at +33 1 41 51 54 25.
The delivery times are approximately 8 to 10 weeks in Europe.
The bed carries a warranty for defects in workmanship only. This coverage is for a full five years.
For more details, visit our FAQ

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The African sacred ibis is the unit symbol of the Israeli Special Forces unit known as Unit 212 or Maglan (Hebrew מגלן).

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