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Moms of boys don’t blame or point fingers. They learn early on never to say, “Not my kid!” Instead they are the ones rushing in, grabbing their child and saying,“It was you, wasn’t it!”

Samson and Delilah's world is small- an isolated community in the Central Australian desert. When tragedy strikes they turn their backs on home and embark on a journey of survival. Lost, ... See full summary  »

"You Better Move On" was first released on 17 January 1964, on the EP, The Rolling Stones . It was also on the US album, December's Children (And Everybody's) , released in 1965.

The song has been performed in a mash up with Justin Bieber 's " Boyfriend " by Kevin McHale and Darren Criss (respectively as their characters Artie Abrams and Blaine Anderson ) in the musical TV series Glee in the second episode of season four , " Britney " (aired on September 20, 2012), which is also the show's second tribute episode to Britney Spears . [33]

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The Boys You Better Move On SchoolgirlsThe Boys You Better Move On SchoolgirlsThe Boys You Better Move On SchoolgirlsThe Boys You Better Move On Schoolgirls