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James Brown recorded the song in 1972. May be. But the German band Virus recorded their own King heroin song in summer 1971. The lyrics are nearly identic. The German band got the words from a friend who spent some time in New York in early 1970. He told us, that he found the words on a flyer against drugs in New York. So it is a fact that the lyrics weren`t especially written for James Brown. He only used what was still there und what he found, but there were some other guys who found it earlier and that was the progressive rock band Virus. You`ll find the song on YOUTUBE and there are a lot of clicks for it and many very, very positive reactions. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Entevogt ( talk • contribs ) 14:22, 13 October 2013 (UTC)

The German band Virus recorded an organ-heavy rock cover of the song on their album Thoughts (1971) and released an edited version of the song as a 7". [11]

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References to waifs in music are sometimes self-deprecating , as in the name of the Australian folk-rock band The Waifs , or Tracy Bonham 's song "I'm Not a Waif".

Virus King HeroinVirus King HeroinVirus King HeroinVirus King Heroin