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In another example, Standing Rock Sioux tribal member Chase Iron Eyes is being prosecuted in South Dakota for his role in the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. He is being charged with starting a riot. Iron Eyes is lead counsel at the  Lakota People’s Law Project  ( you can donate to their defense of #NoDAPL resisters at the  Lakota People’s Law Project website .)    He and others charged in the protests plan to use a necessity defense  because of the imminent threat to their only source of water and the ways the pipeline and actions of the Trump administration undermine the law. It was necessary for them to protest because there was no alternative.

There was fire on all five floors and the air was smoky and hot. The floor tiles were literally "popping" off the floor out of the water due to the intense heat of the fires burning on the floor beneath us, and some of the water was turning into steam. Ceiling had fallen and ventilation systems dangled down. While working our way through the building, we encountered extreme fire conditions, numerous fatalities, and unfortunately no survivors. The devastation was unbelievable. We found an inch or so of water on almost every floor. The hallways were dark and some were smoked filled while others had the fire alarms still sounding.

September’s Hat Attack is a natural straw wide brim with black straw trim by Marzi HERE., which I discovered at an estate sale about a year ago.

T he Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim anti-extremist charity, revealed that its chief executive, Mohammed Shafiq, was called a traitor by Butt after he 
denounced the killing of Fusilier Rigby.

Whoa!  We took x-rays and sure enough her right occipital bone was jammed down into her atlas.  With a few chiropractic adjustments, her headaches were relieved and she was back to sleeping.  But I use this story to emphasize how important it is to get your neck pain and headaches checked out, especially if there has been trauma.  In any case, your body won’t let you hold off for too long—it has a way of letting you know that it can’t, and won’t, go on that way much longer.

Springfield man attacked by pit bull
Springfield IL Exposed, August 7, 2016
Illinois man in hospital with numerous wounds

Anyone can participate in the celebration of headwear!  Click on the blue link-up button and there are a number of ways to share your photo from your blog, Instagram or your computer photo files.  All forms of headwear are appreciated:  hat, headwrap, headscarf, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you enjoy.  Multiple photos are encouraged!

A reimagining of the next generation of Cartwrights, three cousins Benji, ., and Josh join together to fight off forces to save the Ponderosa. Under the guidance of old friend Bronc Evans they learn the meaning of family.

Attack Under Attack Los Alamos Operating InstructionAttack Under Attack Los Alamos Operating InstructionAttack Under Attack Los Alamos Operating InstructionAttack Under Attack Los Alamos Operating Instruction