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Sikorsky Aircraft and Boeing are jointly producing a medium-lift-sized demonstrator they call SB>1 Defiant [23] [24] (also widely known as "SB-1") [25] [26] for phase one of the program. Originally planned to fly in late 2017, its first flight was delayed in April 2017 to early 2018. [27] Once flight testing begins, the aircraft will be evaluated by the Army for further development. [28] [29] Sikorsky is leading the development of phase one with an aircraft based on their previous Sikorsky X2 design. [30]

Russia still was reeling from an economic crisis. Prosecutors were investigating Yeltsin's cronies -- and even members of his immediate family -- for graft.

CHRISTMAS! The glory of the Incarnation! A visually powerful look at Christmas. Perfect anytime during the Christmas season.

But surely, more nefarious or stealthy reasons are running through the minds of corporations looking at this nifty little UAV. Chime in below with your reactions to this new tech, and what you think it'll inevitably be useful for.

This 3600 sf two-story prefabricated house sits on a flat lot in an ‘L’ configuration. While the street-facing front facade is compositionally compatible with neighboring houses, the long elevation facing the backyard features four large sliding glass doors. The garage opens to the front and the back yards for indoor-outdoor entertainment and other alternate uses. The lower floor is clad in light grey smooth stucco and the upper floor has vertical metal panels. The standing seam butterfly metal roof slopes to spatially increase the upper floor’s interior volume. The house contains 4 bedrooms and baths. The first floor is dominated by the 670 sf open living-dining- kitchen space, with a study/guest room and the garage. The kitchen is by Boffi. The first floor concrete floor acts as a thermal mass to retain heat collected during the day. Extensive glass windows and sliding doors, made possible by the long-span steel frame, open to backyard views. A white steel patio pavilion, with a fireplace and steel trellis roof, extends from the living room for outdoor use. The second floor contains three bedrooms plus an open family room, laundry, and two terraces. 

Vertical Hold The War That Time WonVertical Hold The War That Time WonVertical Hold The War That Time WonVertical Hold The War That Time Won