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Jackie says: My cat is 6 years old for the past 3 years she's left during the summer and comes home for the winter, She used to be this sweet and loveing cat but now she is, well basicly a bitch. Last year when she came back a cat was gone so she stayed longer, but in her litter box blood was mixed with her poo, and she would leave blood spots when she sat down, Shes back for her 4th year but its summer, she came home starved and is sweeter then a kitten. Was the past 4 years caused by strees?

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Manx cats have been exhibited in cat shows , as a named, distinct breed (and with the modern spelling "Manx"), since the late 1800s. In that era, few shows provided a Manx division, and exhibited specimens were usually entered under the "Any Other Variety" class, where they often could not compete well unless "exceptionally good in size and markings". [19] Early pet breeding and showing expert Charles Henry Lane , himself the owner of a prize-winning rare white rumpy Manx named Lord Luke, published the first known (albeit informal) breed standard for the Manx in his 1903 Rabbits, Cats and Cavies , [19] but noted that already by the time of his writing "if the judge understood the variety" a Manx would be clearly distinguishable from some other tailless cat being exhibited, "as the make of the animal, its movements and its general character are all distinctive." [19] Not all cat experts of the day were favourable toward the breed; in The Cat: Its Points and Management in Health and Disease , Frank Townend Barton wrote in 1908: "There is nothing whatever to recommend the breed, whilst the loss of the tail in no way enhances its beauty." [4]

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Tabby Cat Kelly Dont Call Us Immigrants