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As well as the reggae-to-rave and post-punk traditions, there’s a third zone of contemporary music with which Burial has an affinity: hauntology, that largely British genre of eerie electronics fixated on ideas of decaying memory and lost futures. You can hear it in Burial’s love of spooky atmospheres, disquieting sound effects, the hiss and crackle of vinyl—all hallmarks of artists like the Caretaker, who has released a series of foggy, elegiac works across nearly two decades. Even the way Burial talks about his music aligns closely with Ghost Box, the UK label that’s home to spectral audio exponents like the Focus Group and Belbury Poly. The short-lived spate of interviews he did around Untrue teem with references to uncanny presences, subliminal hums, moments when you glance at the face of a friend or family member and catch something alien in their expression. Burial even enthused about his childhood love of the ghost stories of . James, one of those gentlemen occultist writers who are touchstones for the UK hauntologists.

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Durutti Column Valuable PassagesDurutti Column Valuable PassagesDurutti Column Valuable PassagesDurutti Column Valuable Passages