Trouble funk hey fellas - Alvin And The Chipmunks Script - transcript from the.

6. There is a fiscal incentive for a) enrolling institutions (its their business), and b) your research papers will usually also have your supervisor's name on them (and your data will be likely be used by your supervisor), which helps their career. [Disclaimer – my supervisors were actually very decent about this].

I want Milas here bugger lugs. What are you on about. Have you been taking your tablets today ?
Don Chip used to say “you got to keep the bastards honest” that means you James.
Now you be a good boy and scurry on home.
Or maybe you would like to join me and Milas and my other mates at Burwood Park for tea and scones hehehee ??? promise it will be unforgettable.

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Trouble Funk Hey FellasTrouble Funk Hey FellasTrouble Funk Hey FellasTrouble Funk Hey Fellas