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Situated on the border of Colorado and Utah, we’ve got the best of both worlds when it comes to mountain biking. Gateway Canyons has classic Colorado mountain bike trails that rise and dip over the mountains, and more technical riding made famous in nearby Moab, Utah.

The first successful swashbuckler star of the 1920s was the charming, exuberant, gracefully-athletic, gymnastic actor Douglas Fairbanks Sr., who performed most of his own stunts and daring swordplay in a wide range of costume adventures , starring as Zorro, Robin Hood (in the large-scale film version Robin Hood (1922) ), and the acrobatic D'Artagnan (in the film adaptation of Dumas' adventure classic The Three Musketeers (1921) ). Moving from comedy-adventures to derring-do costume adventures at the start of the decade, Fairbanks starred in director Fred Niblo's silent The Mark of Zorro (1920) , adapted from Johnson McCulley's novel The Curse of Capistrano . He starred in the dual role of Don Diego and the dashing young swordsman Zorro - the hero of the oppressed poor by tyrants ruling in California in the 1830s. This portrayal established Fairbanks as the predominant dueling swashbuckler in the silent era, in a duel against Noah Beery.

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“The Most Memorable part of this journey was how breathless I felt when we were hiking and discovering by yourself. Walking around communities. I wanted to see, smell, touch everything!”
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Various High AdventureVarious High AdventureVarious High AdventureVarious High Adventure