Various not just beat music 1965 1970 - Various CD : Not Just A Pretty Face And A Pompadour.

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Sometimes, chemo will stop one kind of cancer, but then the patient will develop an entirely different form of cancer. The chemotherapy and/or radiation caused new, new cancer.

One forward-thinking doctor said that orthodox medical logic and training are mostly about treating specific symptoms with specific drugs. Natural treatments, by contrast , are often general; that is, as they help the body cleanse, balance and strengthen— multiple symptoms often tend to disappear . (This is why my arthritis also disappeared when I did the treatment for emphysema/COPD.) This defies the logic of allopathic-orthodox-mainstream training. Yet, regardless of mainstream medical logic and lack of explanation— the reality is that this treatment (and other natural treatments) have achieved healing that mainstream symptom/effects-treating medicine hasn't and can't .

Various Not Just Beat Music 1965 1970Various Not Just Beat Music 1965 1970Various Not Just Beat Music 1965 1970Various Not Just Beat Music 1965 1970