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Hi first of all your box is amazing. Very cool really. I’m from Germany so sorry for my bad english. I build your box with the same Programm and the same PCB like you. It seems to work. If the Switch is on and the pcb is connected with the batteries the servos move. If i turn the Switch of the servos Ends the current Programm step and don’t move anymore. So far so good. Now the Problem. When i turn on the Switch again nothing happens. Only if i let the Switch in the on Position and disconnect the batteries and connect them again, the servos work in the same way i describe in the top. I realy don’t know why. I hope you understand my english and maybe you can help me with this Problem.

On November 2, 2010, Moody's wife announced on his behalf that he had pancreatic cancer , and had chosen not to have it treated aggressively. After palliative care , Moody died in San Diego, on December 9, 2010, from complications resulting from pancreatic cancer. [5]

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Jason Ankeny of Allmusic states, " Another Bag vaults tenor saxophonist James Moody even further past his bop roots. Another in a series of collaborations with arranger and composer Tom McIntosh , its rich, deep sound is both fiercely cerebral and nakedly emotional... The music is both angular and accessible, bolstered by a clutch of clever, dynamic McIntosh melodies. [4]

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James Moody Another BagJames Moody Another BagJames Moody Another BagJames Moody Another Bag