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Arise! no more a living lie,
And with me quicken and control
Some memory that shall magnify
The universal Soul.

Cheetah decided to resurface, once again with the intention of stealing the Lasso of Truth. She used a pair of Khunds , still on Earth after the invasion, to create a diversion so she could steal the Lasso. Suspecting that Dr. Barbara Minerva stole the lariat (but not knowing yet that she and Cheetah are one and the same) Wonder Woman traveled to Minerva's home in England (this coincided with a trip to the first meeting of Justice League Europe , though Diana decided not to remain part of the team at this time). Minerva's manservant, Chuma , poisoned Diana and proceeded to tell her the whole story of how Minerva became Cheetah. The poison had no effect on Diana, however, and she tracked Cheetah to Egypt where out in the hidden city of Bana-Mighdall she found the lost colony of Amazons . Their leader, Queen Anahid , incapacitated Diana with a poisonous dart and locked her away. The high priestess tried to kill Wonder Woman but died when Diana tossed her across the room and she ended up swallowing the same poison dart Queen Anahid used on Diana earlier. Diana broke free and realized that Cheetah would be on the prowl that very night--but she was still groggy from the poison. The mercenary Amazons had been hired to pacify a nearby village. Armed for war, Wonder Woman fought them back and was attacked by Cheetah. After a vicious battle, Wonder Woman defeated her adversary and locked her up (Chuma was slain by gunfire during the fight). Queen Anahid, mortally injured by Cheetah during the battle, died after commanding that Diana be spared. The Amazons called off the raid and told her their history. They were indeed the descendants of Antiope, Hippolyta's sister, though they were not immortal. They had in their possession the other Golden Girdle of Gaea and were a nation of mercenaries and had been since Antiope's death. Pythia , blaming Theseus and all men for her mother's death, was their first leader. The city was then attacked by Hermes, who learned of and was enraged by the existence of the rogue Amazons and their possession of the Golden Girdle. Diana managed to convince him to cease his attack. One of the Amazons, Faruka , decided to use all the chaos to try and seize power, using an Amazon called Shim'tar . With Hermes weakened, Diana fought Shim'tar alone, battling to a standstill. The Egyptian government, outraged over the massacre at one of their villages, ordered an air strike on the hidden city. Not even Hermes was able to intervene and the entire city was destroyed, leaving Wonder Woman, Cheetah, and Hermes alone in the desert. Wonder Woman recovered both her Lasso and the Golden Girdle. After a brief stop back in Boston, Diana returned the Girdle to her mother on Themyscira. [13]

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Lyrics to Henry Milton Gypsy Woman : From nowhere through the caravan Round the campfire light A lovely woman in motion With hair as dark as night Her eyes were like ...

Milton Henry Gypsy Woman Gypsy DubMilton Henry Gypsy Woman Gypsy DubMilton Henry Gypsy Woman Gypsy DubMilton Henry Gypsy Woman Gypsy Dub