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In 1964, Nilsson worked with Phil Spector , writing three songs with him. He also established a relationship with songwriter and publisher Perry Botkin, Jr. , who began to find a market for Nilsson’s songs. Botkin also gave Nilsson a key to his office, providing another place to write after hours. [5] Through his association with Botkin, Nilsson met and became friends with musician, composer and arranger George Tipton , who was at the time working for Botkin as a music copyist. During 1964 Tipton invested his life savings – $2500 – to finance the recording of four Nilsson songs, which he arranged; they were able to sell the completed recordings to the Tower label, a recently established subsidiary of Capitol Records , and the tracks were subsequently included on Nilsson’s debut album. The fruitful association between Nilsson and Tipton continued after Nilsson signed with RCA Records – Tipton went on to create the arrangements for nearly all of Nilsson’s RCA recordings between 1967 and 1971 but their association ended in the 1970s when the two fell out for unknown reasons. Whatever the cause, it was evidently a source of lingering resentment for Tipton, who was one of the few significant collaborators who refused to participate in the 2010 documentary on Nilsson’s life and career.

Diese Diskografie ist eine Übersicht über die musikalischen Werke des US-amerikanischen Rock - Sängers Harry Nilsson und seiner Pseudonyme wie Bo Pete, Johnny Niles, Foto-Fi Four und Nilsson .

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