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Speaking fondly about her late husband, who took part in Strictly back in 2010, Debbie said: "Everything I do that relates to Paul is with that wonderful feeling of what an amazing time I had with him, and how that has coloured the rest of my life. I have to go on. Life is different so I have to find another way to be happy, but through that the whole positive thing about Paul is that we laughed every day and he taught me so much about showbiz, and that's a real positive thing that's with me on Strictly . I feel like he's always there on my shoulder." She then added: "He loved it and after he finished in 2010, he often talked about Strictly and what a happy time it was during live shows we did."

One popular question that has many still confused about the Reynolds' family lineage: Is Debbie Reynolds related to 81-year-old Burt Reynolds ? And what about the Ryan Reynolds guy — where does he fit into all this?

Debbie Harry Feel The SpinDebbie Harry Feel The SpinDebbie Harry Feel The SpinDebbie Harry Feel The Spin